Corporate Financing from GIS UK Ltd

The experienced team of investment bankers at GIS UK Ltd can deliver the perfect corporate finance solution to meet your particular needs.

If you’re looking for a corporate financing partner with the experience and knowledge to make a difference, then the team at GIS UK Ltd can provide you with a bespoke, professional solution. Our highly experienced investment banking team is able to act as both corporate broker and advisor to AIM and other publicly listed companies. Corporate financing is part of a broad package of globally oriented financial services offered by GIS UK Ltd, meaning that we can be your partner for a wide range of different integrated financial functions. Founded on the strength of our client relationships, our prime brokerage services are built on trust, efficiency and integrity. Our approach to corporate financing reflects our company values.

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What is corporate finance?

Corporate financing is a generic term that covers any business division that takes care of particular financial activities for a firm. It’s the division of finance that deals with how companies approach funding sources, their capital structure and their investment decisions. It helps to maximise shareholder value through both long and short term financial planning. It concerns itself with the creation, implementation and monitoring of strategies to achieve company objectives. A corporate finance advisor can help a company access new sources of finance and then help them use that capital to achieve long term company objectives.

An experienced team to deliver your goals

When you choose GIS UK Ltd as your corporate finance partner you gain the benefit of over a century of combined experience at Tier 1 financial institutions. Coming from a range of different academic and professional backgrounds, the team we have assembled have the experience and competencies to offer an industry-leading corporate financing service. With extensive experience both at GIS UK Ltd and other leading financial institutions including such global names as Barings, LCF Rothschild, ICAP, Barclays, Blackrock, JP Morgan, Lehman Brother and Morgan Stanley, you are guaranteed corporate financing advice you can trust.

Technology and innovation

We have always placed technological innovation at the heart of our business philosophy at GIS UK Ltd. We use a combination of outsourced solutions, internal R&D on technology and robotics plus integration with our tier-1 global counterparties to deliver a seamless service to our clients. Our technological infrastructure has been recognised by the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre who granted us Cyber Essentials accreditation.

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Strong regulatory framework

GIS UK Ltd delivers an industry-leading service to our growing client list. We do this within the context of a strong regulatory framework. We look to remove any regulatory risk for our clients.

Corporate finance services from GIS UK Ltd

The experienced team of investment bankers at GIS UK Ltd can deliver your corporate finance solution. We offer our growing list of international clients corporate finance and fund-raising services. Our investment banking team is able to act as both corporate broker and corporate finance advisor to AIM and other publicly listed companies. Our aim is to ensure that every company we represent is given the best possible advice, together with access to investment opportunities via the equity and debt markets.

We use our integrated services to cater to your needs, acting as a settlement agent against counterparties, for companies looking to raise funds depositing treasury shares within our custody facility.

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