20 September 2021

Institutional/Professional Traders vs Retail Traders

The increasing accessibility of user-friendly brokerages online, real-time data, as well as better access to analysis and investment data, has to some degree narrowed the gap between professionals and retail traders. We look at the key differences between these traders regarding trade execution.

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13 September 2021

The Importance of Low Latency When Trading Forex

Forex trade execution needs to be agile and responsive. A trader must be able to access critical market information to inform a decision. That decision needs implementing quickly if the market information isn't to become outdated rapidly. This article looks at what forex trading is and why low latency is such a vital component of the trading architecture related to this particular asset.

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06 September 2021

What is Execution-Only Trading?

If you’re looking to trade or invest in UK or global markets, you will probably have encountered the term execution-only trading. This is a form of trade execution that is restricted purely to executing trades. Execution-only brokers will complete an order from a client in the most efficient way possible but will not give any advice that could influence their client’s investment decisions.

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30 August 2021

What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate financing is a broad term covering the finance division that deals with how companies approach funding sources, reach investment decisions, and their capital structure. It aims to maximise shareholder value through financial planning for both the short and long term.

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23 August 2021

Investment Banking vs Corporate Finance

Corporate financing will deal with short and long term business goals while taking an overview of day-to-day financial operations. An investment banker, on the other hand, will focus on raising capital in public markets. An investment banker will also conduct mergers and acquisitions while handling private placements of equity and debt capital.

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16 August 2021

Choosing a Corporate Finance Advisor

With corporate financing, the quality of the advice you receive will significantly impact the ongoing success of your business and your ability to actualise your plans. Here we look at how you can find a corporate finance advisor who can offer trusted and effective advice?

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