28 February 2024

Is the FinTech sector back in favour?

As we wait for interest rates to fall in the UK, the FinTech market is back in play. The signs are favourable again after a volatile couple of years due to various global economic and political challenges.

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22 February 2024

What does budget day hold for the UK?

As we approach the next budget, due to be announced on 6 March 2024, there is the normal degree of speculation and counter-speculation. With an election likely to be called later this year, the government will be looking to cast the best light on the UK economy and return an element of the feel-good factor to taxpayers. How might this emerge?

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14 February 2024

What can we learn from the US corporate bond market?

Whether looking at the US, UK or further afield, there is much concern and confusion regarding economies and the timing of expected interest rate reductions. While inflation data suggests these changes could come sooner rather than later, economic figures can often suggest otherwise. However, it is widely expected that interest rates will fall in 2024 and into 2025, which has prompted private and institutional investors to look towards the corporate bond market.

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07 February 2024

How do the authorities maintain market integrity in the UK?

Investing in stock markets worldwide has never been easier, with the introduction of the Internet facilitating the development of electronic trading. However, when it comes to market integrity, this is a topic which many of us automatically take for granted. Without a degree of market integrity, there would be no confidence and trading numbers would be nowhere near current levels.

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31 January 2024

Is it time to consider emerging market bonds?

Amid the Covid pandemic, emerging market borrowing costs went through the roof, investors sat on the sidelines, and many of these economies fell into distress. Only recently have investors begun to reconsider emerging market bonds as expectations of the US, UK and other major economies reducing their interest rates begin to reduce the pressure. So, what is happening with emerging market bonds and is this the beginning of a concerted recovery?

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24 January 2024

Using derivatives for hedging, income generation, or speculative purposes

As the investment world becomes increasingly technical, you can now use option derivatives for hedging, income generation or speculative investment purposes. While taking advice if you are inexperienced in this area is essential, using options can help you replicate any investment strategy and attitude to risk. So, where do we start?

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