11 October 2021

What is a Prime Broker / What are Prime Services?

Prime broker services are a vital aspect of the global trading infrastructure. They help make trades happen, remove some barriers to trade execution, and simplify what can be a complex process.

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04 October 2021

The Difference Between a Prime Broker and a Custodian

In our instant, digital world, trades can be executed within a matter of seconds. This speed hides the complexity of the process, with both prime broker and custodian services required to complete the transaction. While these services don’t always require different providers, they ensure that speedy trade execution occurs.

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27 September 2021

Do Retail Traders Make Money?

Retail trading is not something you can do half-heartedly. You need to know why you’re doing it and how you’re going to proceed. This will dictate how you behave in the market and help you to see beyond any temporary setbacks. Research is vital. The more information you have at your fingertips, the better your strategic decision making will be when it comes to trade execution.

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20 September 2021

Institutional/Professional Traders vs Retail Traders

The increasing accessibility of user-friendly brokerages online, real-time data, as well as better access to analysis and investment data, has to some degree narrowed the gap between professionals and retail traders. We look at the key differences between these traders regarding trade execution.

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13 September 2021

The Importance of Low Latency When Trading Forex

Forex trade execution needs to be agile and responsive. A trader must be able to access critical market information to inform a decision. That decision needs implementing quickly if the market information isn't to become outdated rapidly. This article looks at what forex trading is and why low latency is such a vital component of the trading architecture related to this particular asset.

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06 September 2021

What is Execution-Only Trading?

If you’re looking to trade or invest in UK or global markets, you will probably have encountered the term execution-only trading. This is a form of trade execution that is restricted purely to executing trades. Execution-only brokers will complete an order from a client in the most efficient way possible but will not give any advice that could influence their client’s investment decisions.

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