20 September 2023

Have you considered intergenerational wealth management?

Wealth management covers various topics such as investments, budgets, insurance, retirement and inheritance tax. However, one topic rarely discussed is that of intergenerational wealth, the passing down of your assets in a controlled and sensible manner. Are your children prepared to inherit a significant legacy?

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13 September 2023

Traders and Regulatory Risk: Navigating the Complex Regulatory Landscape

Online trading services have changed how we invest and encouraged a massive increase in the number of day traders. While the rules in the UK are relatively straightforward, it is essential that you abide by the regulations and are aware of the tax implications of your trading. This is an ever moving situation and you should be mindful of how changes going forward may impact your trading habits.

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06 September 2023

How is AI impacting online trading?

There is an ongoing debate regarding the use of AI in the financial services industry. While regulators look to introduce protective structures to maintain orderly markets, several potential benefits of AI are emerging. For example, this technology is already used in online trading and for the analyses of colossal data reams.

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30 August 2023

A day in the life of a global day trader

As a day trader, you will likely have heard about the ability to trade markets literally 24/7 on a global basis. Whether this is feasible in the short-term, let alone the medium to long term, without impacting your day trading returns, is debatable. However, here we go!

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23 August 2023

Could you extend your online trading skills to other areas?

We will look back in years to come and maybe more appreciate how the Internet has changed investment markets. While online trading tends to focus on stocks and shares, you may be able to transfer your skills across a whole range of online markets. There are many to consider, such as:-

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16 August 2023

Is social media influencing online trading?

There is no doubt that the Internet impacts online trading with information readily exchanged and regulated/unregulated advice available on any topic. We've also seen the emergence of finfluencers, online influences with millions of followers, talking about, promoting and encouraging online trading. However, is this really having an impact on market movements?

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