22 May 2024

Is time your most valuable asset?

In the world of investment, the most valuable assets are often those right in front of you. One such asset, frequently overlooked, is time. At first glance, this might seem like an odd statement. However, upon closer examination, the value and power of time become evident. So, stay with us, and we will explain precisely what we mean.

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15 May 2024

Coutts plans to reduce UK exposure across fund range

A couple of weeks ago, markets were shocked when private bank Coutts announced plans to reduce UK equity holdings across the company's range of funds. While the reduction in UK exposure, equating to £2.7 billion worth of shares, is significant, the more surprising aspect is the negative sentiment towards the UK.

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08 May 2024

FT report highlights gender pay gap variations

At first glance, people may wonder why the gender pay gap is so important in finance. Aside from the obvious reduction in income when comparing the hourly rates of men and women, there is a significant knock-on effect on pensions, investments, and savings. The recent report by the Financial Times is in-depth and demonstrates that while progress has been made, there is still a long way to go.

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01 May 2024

Is it time to consider emerging market debt instruments?

While US interest rate reductions may have been delayed, we will likely see some movement before the end of 2024. This has created significant interest in the traditional bond market, considering government and company issues, which has filtered into emerging market bonds. While there are additional risks associated with emerging markets, these risks are potentially offset by increased returns.

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24 April 2024

Why is the oil price so steady in the face of Middle East conflict?

As the tension continues to mount in the Middle East, with Israel launching what many view a token gesture attack on Iran, the oil price has remained surprisingly constant. In the past, even the slightest hint of conflict in the Middle East pushed prices well beyond $100 a barrel.

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17 April 2024

Ben Bernanke’s brutally honest assessment of the Bank of England

Few expected such a brutally honest assessment when the Bank of England asked former US Federal Reserve leader Ben Bernanke to assess the bank’s economic modelling. While many historical criticisms targeted at the Bank of England were covered, the report was less comprehensive than some had hoped. However, where comments were made, they were direct, to the point and, in some cases, highly critical of the current situation.

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