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At Global Investment Strategy UK Ltd (GIS) we offer a diversified range of global financial services, founded on client relationships and built on trust, efficiency and integrity. As an FCA regulated prime broker and London Stock Exchange member firm, located in the City of London, we provide dedicated coverage for clients across global markets from our offices in London and Hong Kong. As prime brokers, we provide an accessible solution for businesses neglected by the big banks and other bulge-bracket providers.

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What Services do we provide?

Clearing & Safe Custody

Our team of highly experienced relationship managers offer high rates of settlement efficiency and worldwide service through our established network of global counterpart relationships. Our range of tailored post-trade services allows you to focus on your core competencies with confidence.

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Payment Services

As an Authorised Payment Institution, GIS offers a range of regulated payment services. These enable funds to be placed on a payment account as well as a global money remittance service.

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Trade Execution

Our dedicated trading desk is ready to take your call. Open right across the UK, European and US trading hours, our experienced traders can take care of your varied, multi-asset trading requirements providing a first-in-class prime brokerage service.

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Asset and Investment Management

Our broad spectrum of wealth management services supports both private and institutional clients in meeting their financial objectives. Our prime brokerage services include execution-only trading to discretionary asset management strategies.

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Corporate Finance

Our experienced, knowledgeable and supportive investment banking team can deliver a comprehensive corporate finance solution for your company. We can act as both corporate broker and advisor to LSE AIM-listed and other publicly listed companies.

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Retail Execution-Only

The experienced team at GIS offer traditional, execution-only equity trading and custody services for retail customers. UK customers can grow their investments through our HMRC approved Stocks & Shares ISA.

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17 July 2024

The rise of FinTech and Digital Banking in the UK

While there is constant talk about the FinTech and digital banking sectors, which have revolutionised the financial sector, many believe we are just scratching the surface. It's important to differentiate between the two services. FinTech refers to the integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies. Digital banking is the provision of banking services that allow consumers to carry out transactions through electronic means. Sounds simple, but how big are these sectors?

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10 July 2024

What is behavioural finance, and how does it impact the decision-making process?

Behavioural finance is an interesting topic that differs from traditional finance theories based on facts, figures and fair valuations. This concept first emerged in the late 20th century, with Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky at the forefront of coverage. It's essential to appreciate behavioural concepts, as a survey back in 2018 showed that 83% of financial advisers believe that behavioural finance was at the heart of many so-called market anomalies.

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