Octagonal PLC is the London Stock-Exchange listed (AIM: OCT) holding company of Global Investment Strategy (UK) Limited and its associate partner companies SynerGIS Capital PLC and GIS FS (HK) Limited.

Headquartered in London, it includes within its umbrella, Global Investment Strategy (UK) Limited, and its associated partner companies Synergis Capital PLC and GIS FS Hong Kong. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE AIM All-Share Index. Octagonal PLC operates purely as a parent company with a traditional role of oversight, guidance and stewardship. It neither trades in its own name nor has a mandate to do so in the future.


Synergis Capital PLC (SCP) is a special purpose vehicle public limited company which is majority owned by GISL (77.5%).
Synergis is a trading brand to be used by GIS (as authorised by SCP) under which GIS will transact the bond distribution and new lending activity to advance the Commercial Loans.

SCP mandates GIS to undertake the operation and management of the distribution of Synergis Bonds to generate investment proceeds which enable SCP to advance monies to GIS. Such advances will be used by GIS to fulfil and manage their new lending business as well as maintain their Treasury Function.

An exciting opportunity exists in the secured lending market in the UK: lenders are being disproportionately rewarded for the level of risk being taken.

Through its parent company GIS, SynerGIS issue fixed-term, fixed-rate bonds which consumers can invest in. And because the bond synthesizes a fixed term deposit, along with permissions held by GIS, bond investors are eligible for protection from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for up to £50,000. Using smart technology, such as robotic automation and integrated APIs, SynerGIS provides enhanced security for consumers. This, combined with its efficient and responsible service across all mediums, puts SynerGIS at the forefront of today’s market.

Driven by an exceptionally talented team, SynerGIS is designed to push the boundaries in efficient asset financing, providing consumers with responsible and secure returns.

This security, combined with historically low interest rates, creates a compelling opportunity for consumers.
Products will be available to consumers in 2019.

Global Investment Strategy, Hong Kong

As a result of growing client enquiries and peer group analysis, the Board has now established a wholly owned subsidiary company (GIS FS (HK) Limited) with provisional regulatory approval from the SFC in January 2019, along with offices in Hong Kong.

This will allow GIS to provide a more diversified offering to existing clients as well as develop new revenue streams where we intend to develop coverage for larger family offices in that time zone as well as global funds currently under-resourced by their existing service providers. Over the medium term, we also see this expansion as a conduit allowing us to service Asian-based asset managers with an interest in our core UK offering.

We also believe a regulated local presence in Hong Kong will assist our UK Platform through identifying new technology based efficiencies for our global clients. Through establishing relationships with local tier-1 financial institutions, this should also enable GIS to access new developing frontier markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, and access to Chinese listed securities via Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock exchange “Connect” system.