A reliable clearing services partner

Corporate and private investors need a clearing and custody partner that is reliable and experienced. They need to be confident that the service they’re receiving is future proof, quick to adapt to technological change and any regulatory requirements. When it comes to clearing services, you need a partner with whom you can build a strong ongoing relationship, with 24-hour accessibility, five days a week. With GIS UK Ltd taking care of your clearance and settlement, you have more time to attend to other aspects of your business such as research.

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Worldwide Services

We offer high rates of settlement efficiency and worldwide services through our counterparty relations, developed over many years.

The GIS clearing services team have administered 250,000 transactions with settlement values exceeding £50 billion over the last three years.

As a custodian, we develop and maintain strong relationships with Tier 1 custodians so you can be sure your assets are secure. We believe transparency is key, which allows us to review and check our processes, ensuring there are never any safeguarding issues. Our efficient, transparent and trustworthy services give you the time and confidence to focus on your key competencies.

Transparent & Regulated

We help our clients to stay ahead of new regulations and our dedicated team of professionals ensure that we are at the forefront of regulatory issues, implementing them in a timely fashion and giving your business peace of mind. For small to mid-sized institutions, family offices, hedge funds and high net worth individuals, our competitive services are market-leading. Our clearance and settlement services have been regulated by the FCA since 2005, and we’ve been a member of the London Stock Exchange since 2009.

We offer global multi-asset trade execution, safe custody, stock lending and clearing services across multiple currencies and in equities, fixed income, government securities, derivatives, CFD’s and spread-bets. We also offer custody and settlement services in frontier markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, and access to Chinese listed securities via Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock exchange “Connect” system. Our fully-serviced office in Hong Kong enables us to provide 24-hour, five days a week coverage to our growing list of global clients. Our clearing services and custody banking are available when you need them.

GIS can deliver the following post-trade services to our customers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

  • Settlement and status reporting
  • Fail management
  • Reconciliation
  • Custody banking
  • Corporate actions
  • Transaction reporting
  • GIS offers state of the art straight-through-processing back-office platforms

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An experienced team

Our team comprises experienced relationship managers serving clients from our offices in the heart of the City of London and Hong Kong, backed up by outsourced solutions in partnership with integrated robotics and cutting-edge fintech solutions. We are always looking at ways to integrate technological innovation into everything we do.

Our servers provide bulletproof data integrity and we have fully serviced London based business-continuity premises to ensure seamless execution to our customers in the rare event of an outage.

We offer a comprehensive service to our global client list across trading hours in different world markets.

We provide our clients with 24/7 online access to their current and historical account activity, and we can assist in any tax-related matters. When you need information, it’s ready at your fingertips.

or call +44 (0)20 7048 9400