Safe and reliable payment services play a key role in global markets, helping to ensure that trades happen efficiently. Traders and investors need to be able to move funds around securely and on time. Therefore, the markets require efficient payment services to ensure that transactions can be completed in a timely manner and that all the parties involved can have complete confidence in the trading system. 

What are payment services? 

Payment services provide a vital link in the global financial system. They’re one of the ‘behind the scenes’ services that make sure that transactions can be relied upon to be completed. 

Payment services providers bring all of the financial parties together and deliver a simple payment experience for everyone involved by processing payments quickly and effectively. They remain invisible to most but the service they provide makes global trading possible. 

They handle the entire payment transaction to ensure that funds from the buyer reach the seller. From authorisation through to settlement, payment services providers facilitate the transfer of funds from one party’s account to another.

What is an Authorised Payment Institution (API)? 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in line with Payment Services Regulations 2009, can authorise individuals and corporate entities as an Authorised Payment Institution (API). This enables them to offer a range of services such as allowing cash withdrawals from a payment account, the execution of payment transactions, the transfer of funds on a payment account with the user’s payment service provider or another payment service provider. 

This regulatory framework has been developed to ensure that any provider of payment services offers a completely transparent and trustworthy service. Every API has a responsibility to keep up to date with regulations and ensure they remain compliant.

What kinds of payment services might an API offer? 

An API can offer a wide range of different services to their customers. The services offered will usually depend on the sector in which they operate. When it comes to global markets, the most common services offered are payment account services and global remittance. 

Payment account services will usually allow for funds to be placed on a payment account and for all the necessary functions required for operating that account to be accessed. Global remittance services allow for the smooth transfer of funds across the world and currencies. 

Because of the vital role they play, payment services providers need to ensure that trust and transparency are embedded into everything they do. The regulatory framework ensures that companies work to the highest of standards, build trust, and provide optimum efficiency for the smooth transfer of funds in global markets. 

Making use of technology 

Innovation and technology are transforming and streamlining payment services. Next-generation payment processing, robotics and AI are all having an impact on how the industry operates, with payment service providers embracing new ways of doing things. 

A good payment services provider will invest in their own R&D as well as make certain that they’re integrated with their global counterparties to ensure that the technology used is harnessed effectively. 

Providing payment services internationally 

At Global Investment Strategy, we provide a range of payment services within the UK and internationally within the European Economic Area (EEA) through cross-border notification arrangements known as ‘passporting’. 

This enables us at Global Investment Strategy to establish a physical presence in any member state to provide cross-border services and means that we are well placed to develop the range of services we offer to our varied and growing global client list.   

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