Asset and investment management companies are charged with taking care of the finances of companies, institutions and individuals. They have a role not only to safeguard wealth but also through intelligent investment advice and decision making to help grow that wealth. They will do this in line with their client’s objectives and own particular appetite for risk.

Making strategic investment decisions takes experience, knowledge and detailed analytical skills. Asset managers have a huge responsibility, so finding a good one is vital.

With so many companies offering asset and investment management services of varying quality, how do you go about finding the right one for you?

Before you begin, it’s helpful to have an understanding of what asset management actually is.

What is asset management?

Asset and investment management companies take investor capital and implement a range of strategies seeking to grow that capital. They will use various investment vehicles and approaches in order to achieve this.  Some asset management companies will concentrate on very high wealth individuals, and others will have a broader range of clients. Time-poor wealthy investors will usually consider asset management services essential.

How does it work?

Asset management work takes an overarching look at a client’s portfolio. It will consider a wide range of variables, including the individual aims, goals, current circumstances, and individual client’s risk profile. They may also consider factors such as the ethical values and industry preferences of the client.

Firms working with very high wealth individuals may take an extremely personal approach to a client’s portfolio, but all wealth management involves a bespoke and tailored approach to some degree. A key consideration will be the liquidity requirements of the client both now and in the near future. What are their current tax circumstances and income needs?

Asset and investment management companies may also manage assets that have been passed down to heirs.

What makes asset management companies different?

While some financial firms will find themselves split between encouraging buys or prompting sales, asset management focuses purely on the overall health of a client’s portfolio. This means that the primary role of asset management companies is to analyse data and to make intelligent purchasing decisions that will ultimately lead to a boost in the value of that portfolio.

This differs from those financial firms such as investment banks, prime brokerage services, or insurance firms that will have a more specific role in handling a client’s finances. Asset and investment management companies will frequently have a high degree of freedom to grow their client’s wealth and operate with a significant degree of trust.

How do you choose an asset management company?

Different asset management companies are driven by a variety of insights and experience sets that can have a tangible impact on the overall performance of your portfolio. Therefore it’s essential that you choose the right company for you.

The first and most important thing you can do is to look into the credentials and experience of the asset and investment management company you’re considering. Do they have the depth of knowledge that you would expect?

Can they provide the investment management services you’re looking for, and do they offer comprehensive solutions to a wide range of clients?

Carry out all the necessary due diligence on your chosen provider to ensure they can respond effectively to your needs.

Global Investment Strategy offers a range of discretionary asset management services to meet the needs of both private and institutional clients. At Global Investment Strategy, our approach is truly bespoke, and whatever your risk tolerance, our tailored approach can help you achieve your goals in a responsible and intelligent way.

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