Financial advisors don’t always have the best of reputations. While some of that may be undeserved, there have in the past been a number of miss-selling scandals and commission-driven practices that have served to damage how the public views the industry. As a result, finding the right corporate finance advisor can seem fraught with risk, and it’s important to proceed with caution. 

The same applies to corporate financing, where the quality of the advice you receive will significantly impact the ongoing success of your business and your ability to actualise your plans. 

How can you find a corporate finance advisor who can offer trusted and effective advice?

Regulatory Changes

Over recent years the regulation of financial advisors has become more extensive. Advisors are now required to hold a broader range of qualifications, and commission-driven advice has been removed. 

Rather than being offered ‘free’ advice which directed consumers towards particular products or services which would financially benefit the advisor, consumers now pay an upfront fee for impartial advice. When approaching potential advisory teams, you should clarify the regulatory framework within which they operate. 

How do you choose the right advisor when it comes to corporate financing?

What Kind of Service Do You Require?

If you’ve established that you require more than basic financial planning and budgeting advice, then you need to consider the extent of the financial advice you need. There will be a different range of advice given to companies than what individuals would receive, including those with extensive assets. 

Corporate financing services can help a company access new sources of finance and then allow them to use that capital to achieve long term company objectives.

The Level of Advice

You should also consider the level of advice you require. What degree of corporate financing input do you need to make effective decisions? The advice can range from a second opinion on a decision to more embedded advice that takes a structured approach to deliver your goals. 

Then you should consider how you would prefer to have the advice provided. Are you looking for face-to-face advice, or might you be happy to receive guidance via an online platform or remotely by other means? 

Qualifications and Experience

Your chosen advisor or teams of corporate financing advisors should be suitably qualified and have a breadth of experience. Ideally, the team advising should come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds, with the expertise and competencies to offer a tailored service.

International Reach

If you hope to access potential international funding opportunities and buyers, you need to choose an advisor who can access international markets. Ensuring that your company’s global potential is realised can be a crucial aspect of corporate financing. 

Corporate Finance Services from GIS UK Ltd

The team of investment bankers and other professionals at Global Investment Strategy are experienced in delivering high-level corporate financing advice to a wide range of clients. We aim to give every company we represent the best possible advice with an innovative, technology-led approach. 

At Global Investment Strategy, we also provide access to a range of investment opportunities via the equity and debt markets. Our range of integrated services can be catered to your specific needs, helping you achieve your business goals. 

To find out more about the GIS UK approach to corporate financing advice, call +44 (0)20 7048 9400 or email

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